About us

Tepi Ventures is at your service with its user-friendly features, secure infrastructure and applications that make a difference.

Think of us as coaches, colleagues and co-founders. We leverage local market intelligence, global networks, and a deep, talented in-house skillset to help ventures succeed. Our strengths range from strategy to financial management to business development, to operations, to fundraising.

ESG: we abide by the IFC exclusion list to avoid investments with significant environmental and social risks; we strengthen the governance of all portfolio companies with active involvement in financial management, audit and reporting protocols, and board representation.



We started Tepi to create the most effective model for frontier markets.

We started our journeys in frontier markets ranging from Latin America, to Africa, to the banks of the Mekong and have gained invaluable insight in the process.  We’ve learned to balance the opportunities of rapid development and leapfrogging technologies with poor infrastructure and ambiguous governance.

Our decades of journey are littered with setbacks, but persistent effort, quick learning, pragmatic experience, and a bit of luck have led to consistent success.

The absence of governance, transparency, and structure in frontier markets are major challenges that require ‘road tested’ navigation skills. This is why we roll up our sleeves and work with founders from day one.   We foster a collaborative approach where project ownership leads to trust and frequent interaction converts insights into execution.

Our Team

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